Owner Statuses

Owners have 3 kind of statuses:

1- Active

2- Inactive

3- Pending

What do the different Owner statuses mean?

Active - this owner is part of a subscription and using this owner, a Property Manager (PM) can create Invoices, Statements, Expenses, Payouts and can see data for this owner in the reports section

InActive - an inactive owner is one who is NOT part of a subscription With this Owner the PM can do NOTHING

Pending - these owners are NOT part of a subscription. With this Owner, the PM can do NOTHING

How Owner statuses work?

1- When an Owner signs up OR a PM creates this user via the Create Owner option, the status is set to PENDING by default

1.1- The owner then verifies their email if the PM created them using Create Owner option and the Owner status then changes to ACTIVE

1.2- An owner gets approved by a PM if the owner signup by themself - the Owner status then changes to ACTIVE

2- A PM can inactivate an Owner any time once it gets Activated

3- A PM cannot change a Pending Owner status

4- A PM can activate an Owner any time once it gets inactivated

Tokeet (TV3) Owners and Ownercenter Owners:

1- Owners created in TV3 will appear in OC V2 but their default status will be inActive

2- Owners created in OC V2 will appear with default status Pending, Owner will verify email OR the PM will approve the Owner signup request to make the status ACTIVE

What will happen after the Migration from OC V1 to OC V2?

All Owners of OC V1 will appear as inActive in OC V2. PM will then need to use the Activate option to change the status in OC V2 and active owners will become part of monthly subscription plan automatically.

Owners can be activated in the Owners section using the Deactivate/Activate button:

For full activation steps, see this article.

View our FAQs here.

As always, we're here to help. Please feel free to email support@ownercenter.net with any questions.

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