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With the release of our updated Owner Center, we have provided the following to answer your questions on this change.

Is OC Paid or Free?

The new Owner Center is a paid version that is based on the number of owners in your account. Once your trial ends, you will need to activate the owners you wish to include in your subscription. For pricing, please see our website pricing page - https://www.ownercenter.net/pricing.html

What is the difference between Active and Inactive Owners?

Active owners are those for which a subscription fee is applied, Inactive owners are those who are not billed yet and they are not part of any statement or invoice creation. See here for the different owner statuses.

What will happen if I do not subscribe any owners after the 7-day trial period?

If no owners are activated after the trial period, your access to Owner Center will be revoked and you will not be able to use it.

Why are my Owners inactive after I subscribed to Owner Center?

By default ALL of your Owners will be inactive (after subscription), you can choose your Owners and activate them from the Owners List View and make them part of the subscription, as you will be charged per owner. See here for how to activate owners.

What is the expected behavior when creating a statement and there is more than one owner for a particular rental?

If one rental is assigned to multiple owners, this rental will appear in all owners' statement where the rental is associated.

How the Owners are created within Owner Center?

Owner can be created via PM or PM shares the registration URL with the Owner and then they can registered at their own.

If Owner is created but is not active, does PM charge for this?

PM will be only charged for Active Owners.

If one Owner is activated and then disabled, and at the same time the other is activated, does PM charge for new Owner?

In such cases PM will only be charged for one Owner and the other newly created Owners will be compensated with the old one.

Are Owners assigned with Rentals automatically after creation?

PMs need to assign Owners with the Rentals through the associate rental button.

Are Owners allowed to create Rentals?

Owner are allowed to create Rentals but only the PM will approve it.

Are Owners allowed to see Bookings & Rates value?

If a PM has given permissions to an Owner, only the Owner will be able to see the Bookings & Rates value.

Are Owners able to see the Invoices/Statements automatically after each month?

Automatic Invoice/Statements will be generated automatically as per set criteria every month, and Owner will be able to see them if the PM has given the View access.

Do Payout Rules stay active forever?

Payout Rule can be inactivated via toggle button OR becomes inactive once Due Date is achieved.

Are we able to change the Payout Rule criteria based on booking calculation?

Yes, a user can create a rule with the following criteria - Booking Total, Booking Base Charge OR Booking Formula Total.

What does Include & Exclude Payout rule means? 

If the Subtract option is selected for your invoice items, then the owner will not be charged for that item. Using Subtract for all of the items will result in the total being 0.

How does the Payout Rule for Channel Commission works?

When any Rule is added in the related application, the user will be allowed to use this rule under Channel Commission.

What is the Rule Priority?

If two rules can potentially match a booking, then the higher priority number will win. The larger the priority number the more important the rule. 

If two rules have the same priority, then the system will choose one at random - typically the first one created.

Priority cannot be manually adjusted and is based on the rule settings. The more specific your rule, i.e. the more restrictions it has, the higher its priority.

A rule with no restrictions selected will be priority 0 and will only apply if no other rule matches a booking.

What does Recurring Monthly feature do in an Expense?

The Recurring Monthly checkbox allows you to have the expense created automatically each month on the same date.

Does PMs have any option available for accessing the Owner Portal?

Yes, PM can go into the Owner Portal using Portal module -> View as Owner button.

Are there any options available for rebranding the Owner Portal?

Yes, PMs are allowed to update Favicon, Logo, and color in their PM View which will be reflected in all of their Owner’s View.

Are PM Users able to reflect the custom portal settings like Favicon, Logo, and color in their PM View?

No, only OC users will be able to see the custom changes made by a PM for their Owners.

As always, we're here to help. Please feel free to email support@ownercenter.net with any questions.

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