Payment Rules

Owners are able to add multiple payment gateways to their account. They can even add multiple gateway accounts from the same gateway. This is great for our users, but how would you manage which gateway is used under various circumstances? Instead of requiring users to manually select a gateway for each payment we created Payment Rules.

Payment rules allow you to specify which gateway to use for which channel or rental. For example, you can select your Stripe gateway to be used for Rental A and your Paypal gateway to be used for Rental B. Even further, you can specify that Stripe is only used for Rental A when bookings come from, otherwise use Paypal.

These rules allow a significant amount of flexibility and specificity so you can automatically select gateways as needed. Here is some detail about exactly how Owner Center processes your payment rules in the event that you have multiple rules which may potentially match a scenario.

  • Owner Center will first look for a rule that matches the channel and rental of the booking and use the matched rule.
  • If no matching rule is found, Owner Center will then look for a rule matching only the rental and all channels.
  • If no matching rule is found, Owner Center will then look for a rule matching the channel and all rentals.

Payment Rules affect which gateway is used to process your invoice payments.

In order to create the payment rule, you must select either a rental, a channel, or both. This will set the gateway to be used for these conditions.

To create a Payment Rule, please see this article.

View our FAQs here.

As always, we're here to help. Please feel free to email with any questions.

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